Sunday, February 21, 2016

I'm getting better!

I'm happy to say I am getting better! Since having the cortisone shot and taking the cortisone pill pack almost to weeks ago, I am seeing more improvement. I'm getting out more and doing normal things. The most exciting was returning to choir rehearsal Thursday night and then singing in the choir in the worship service this morning. I had been away from choir for 10-1/2 weeks! I really love being back.

Another nice part of my getting better is that the temperatures here in Minnesota have been unseasonably warm this past week (highs of mid 40). It has melted a lot of of the snow and ice and made my sidewalk outside my home much safer. Also, my permanent handicap hanger for my car arrived in the mail this week. My doctor wrote it for five years. I certainly hope I don't need it for anywhere near that!

I'm not taking feeling good for granted. I have had a couple of down days, but for the most part, I am seeing progress. It feels wonderful!

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