Sunday, January 24, 2016

Health Update

It's been  nearly two months since my back surgery (November  25). In this space of time, I have had some struggles. On Christmas Day, I was so spaced out from narcotics that Peder drove me to the ER and I wound up in the hospital again. It was that day when they did an ultra sound on my left leg, an MRI of my brain, and finally, a chest x-ray. The ER doctor then told Peder he should go on home because he was going to admit me for observation. Once in a room, the doctor came in to tell me I had no blood clots, had not had a stroke, but that I had pneumonia. The next morning I had an MRI on my left foot because it was very painful on the top and on the outside part of the ankle. I was released the next day and went home with an antibiotic. From that day on, I didn't take the heavy duty narcotics.

My problems weren't over, however. What was going on with my foot? I had an appointment with my primary physician who went over the results of the foot MRI. He said it showed tendinitis of the top portion of my foot and referred me to a podiatrist. Since then, I have been walking with a walker or a cane and have been resting when possible, and elevating and icing my foot. This past week my podiatrist has been in communication with my spine surgeon. I'm hoping some physical therapy and a cortisone patch will be ordered for me this next week. In the meantime, I continue to rest when possible, but did return to work last week (40 hours). It was very tiring, but so good to be with my co-workers, and to be out of the house.

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