Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year, 2016! Where does the time go? And why does it pass so quickly?

Yesterday two of my dear friends, Nancy and Laurey, came to my home in the mid-afternoon, to clean out my shoe closet to find the professionally made shoe inserts and their molds. I need to take these to my podiatrist appointment this coming Monday. What troopers these gals are: taking the unwanted shoes to a charity and organizing my summer/winter shoes. Also, they found the inserts and molds!

They brought the makings of an early New Year's Eve supper (tater-tot hotdish—my request—and a delicious jello/fruit salad). They even brought apple pie for dessert and a sparkling drink for toasting after watching a movie.

After supper, we moved into the cottage and I suggested we watch Calendar Girls. Laurey thinks she may have seen it a long while ago (movie came out in 2002), but Nancy had not. All three of us enjoyed it so much. And it was a pleasure to be in my neatly organized cottage (Thank you very much, Rachel!).

We donned hats and/or beads for the finale of the evening (early evening  – about 8:30 pm). I sure enjoyed saying "Good-bye" to 2015 in this way.

L to R: Laurey and Nancy

Nancy, modeling the golf umbrella she got in Europe years ago

Yours truly and Nancy with our celebration hats

Yours truly and Laurey (she didn't want a hat to mess up her hair)

Nancy and Laurey joining in the toast

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