Sunday, November 01, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday to Nels!

Thursday, October 29, Nels turned six. I worked all day and went to an evening event, so we celebrated Saturday afternoon by giving him a big serving of catnip. Wow! Did he dig into it! He ate some and then rolled his face in it. At one time when I checked on him, he looked totally exhausted – his chin and cheek lying flat on the base of his cat tree - right in the middle of this aromatic herb.

In 2010 when my granddaughter, Annika, and I chose Nels from a local humane society, we were told he was three years old. However, at the first veterinarian appointment for him, the doctor said he was likely thirteen or fourteen months old. They told me to pick a date within those two months and celebrate his birthday then. I chose October 29.

Happy Birthday, Nels!

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