Saturday, November 21, 2015

Farewell, Brian

Yesterday was a very sad day in our family. Due to cancer, Heidi and Chad made the difficult decision to put Brian, their almost 12 year old Golden Retriever, down. They did not want him to suffer.

Brian came into their family shortly after they bought their first house. It didn't take him long to start writing a blog, Brian Puppy. He loved his family, and they loved him. They took him on family vacations, and took him swimming in lakes, Puget Sound, and the Pacific Ocean.

He loved tennis balls, and would play tug of war with me (tennis ball held tightly in his teeth) whenever I came for a visit. On the occasion I did pull it from his mouth, I would toss it and he would tear after it and bring it back for more. I took him for walks every time I came, and I was so happy that he never pooped on my walks with him, because I shuddered at the thought of picking it up. He would try to pull me a bit, but then I would say, "No, no, Brian. Grandma can't go that fast." He would then slow down to my pace.

Once while Heidi and Chad were here and in Wisconsin for a visit, Brian came to stay with me. I took him for a nice walk around Normandale Lake and also in my neighborhood.

He hated lightning and fireworks. One July 4th when my sister and I were out to visit, Heidi and Chad had to work so we stayed home with Brian. He stayed by my side the whole time, and even climbed up into bed with me.

He went everywhere with Chad—including Lowe's hardware store. All of the clerks seemed to know Brian. His passing will be particularly hard on Chad. But it will be hard on Heidi, too. Today she'll come home from work, and Brian won't be barking "Welcome Home," to her when she comes in the door.

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Pat said...

So difficult. I am very sad about this. Chad and Hedi's sadness has to be 100 x's greater. When I see pictures of Brian and reading about him puts a big lump in my throat. I am so sorry for you too, Donna.