Tuesday, August 25, 2015

When is it time to part with things?

A couple of weeks ago when Heidi and her kids were visiting me, I told her I was ready to part with a bunch of the vases and glassware that collected dust above my kitchen cabinets. These were things I hadn't used in a very long time, and there was so much gathered there that it was no longer attractive.

As Heidi handed them down to me, I loaded them into the dishwasher. After three dishwasher loads, we packed them up and took them to my office where I set up a table to sell each for a small dollar amount. Of the pieces pictured, I think I probably sold half. The remaining items were taken to a local charity. These are things I probably will not miss.

Do I have more stuff to clear out of my home? Of course, I do. I have been collecting many things for a very long time. Some still bring me happiness; others I have not looked at in so long I do not remember having them. It will be a process, but I hope to keep on purging.

On the other hand, I have some items that still give me pleasure, and those things I will hang onto for awhile.

Four Delft stitchery done by yours truly. Each flower container is Delft, or has Delft handles. (Double click photo to enlarge.)

My cranberry glass collection: each piece has a memory. The round ornament on the top right was blown by me in Alaska in 2008. 

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