Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Heidi and her family came for a visit

Early this month, Heidi and her family came to Minnesota and Wisconsin. On my birthday, August 3, they came to my office with lunch and spent a little time playing with the stuffed toys and balloons decorating my office. Corinne had fun with balloons and taking books from the shelves. Marshall loved the stuffed animals—especially Spunky, the puppy.

On Wednesday, August 5, Heidi and the kids came to my house and spent the next couple of days. We went to my pool on Thursday, and that was really fun. Marshall has had some swimming lessons, so he was alright to move around the perimeter of the pool. We had our eyes on him, however. For awhile Corinne was content to sit on my lap on the second step of the pool. But eventually she wanted her face in the water and Heidi took her and played with her in the pool.

Later that day we went for dinner at Broadway Pizza. Marshall and Corinne loved the electric train that traveled along on the railing just under the ceiling. This pizza shop has train memorabilia all over, and their pizza is delicious!

Friday we went to Peder and Sarah's and the kids played together for awhile. This was really fun for the cousins! They rarely get to see one another. For lunch, we went to the International Bazaar, not far from Peder's home. They have a food court with restaurants from around the world. And the following weekend I picked up Heidi and Corinne in Hudson and they came to spend the weekend with me. Saturday we drove to Rochester to attend the wedding of my great-nephew, Chad.

I loved having them at my house! Here are more photos of our time together.

Corinne at the International Bazaar food court.

Grandma D with L to R: Leo, Aurelia, Marshall, and Corinne. Felix didn't want to be in the picture.

Aurelia sporting a Viking's helmet.

Felix, standing between Sarah and Peder
Isn't this a great picture of Peder and Heidi?!

Marshall and Aurelia

Heidi holding Corinne and Marshall at the Eden Prairie Mall

Corinne sitting in her cousin's car and wearing his "shades." My nephew Keith is in the background.

Corinne had a lot of fun playing in my cottage.

Here she is playing peek-a-boo with Heidi who is on the other side of the screen door.

Corinne and my cat Nels had fun trying to catch the bubbles I was blowing.

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