Friday, March 13, 2015

"Sunsationals" Tap Dance Revue

When my cousin Pat and her husband Pudge bought their condo in Arizona, she quickly joined the tap dancing troupe at their association. It is called the "Sunsationals," and has been in existence for 25 years. Every other year they put on a big, one and a half hour show, complete with costume changes. This year my cousin, also their current president, was in charge of it. The average age of the dancers in this group is 71 years old. Their eldest member is 87 years old. Honest!

The troupe gave three performances this year—I went to two of them, and they were excellent.

Pat is on the left in the back row.

Pat is on the left in the back row.

The show was very enjoyable. Everybody did an excellent job, and I was fortunate to get front row seats for both shows. There was a lot of variety in dance steps and in music.

Pat, accepting thanks at the conclusion of the show.

By the way, Pat hadn't tap danced since she was a young girl. A few years ago when I was there for Pat's first show, I was seated next to my dear Aunt Liz, and she said, "Well, those dance lessons paid off."

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