Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Brings Much Anticipation

This year Thanksgiving falls as late as it can be, leaving a smaller amount of time for Christmas preparations. Stores will be opening sooner than ever for that famous "black Friday." This morning I noticed many folks in foreign countries had been searching "Christmas" on the Internet and landed on two of my blog entries from the past: "Christmas Decorations in Our Office," and "The Christmas Season Has Begun." When I noticed this, the entries were from Gateshead, United Kingdom; Masterton, New Zealand; Athens, Greece; Toronto, Canada; London, England; Kiev, Ukraine; Paris, France; and Singapore.

As I write this, I'm sitting at the reception desk in our office while nine people are putting up the tree and the garland on the stairways. Plus, this year they are running the movie It’s a Wonderful Life on a TV. Talk about fun! I love it.


Pat said...

And are you going to be doing much decorating?? You are not going to have a whole lot of time being as you are going to Japan. I bet you are getting excited about that. I am going to want to hear all about it. Plans for Christmas??? Sure hope we can get together while I am home. Miss you.

DD4 said...

Pat, the decorating at my home this year will be very minimal. Nels doesn't appreciate it, and I have no plans of entertaining. I will definitely try to connect with you over the holidays.