Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our Beautiful Country

In the past couple of months, I have been fortunate to travel to two lovely places — Arizona and Washington state. Both times, I had the privilege to fly over the Rockies and the Continental Divide. These snow dusted mountains are awesome. Then today while getting close to Seattle, I was fortunate to see five of the highest peaks of the Cascade Mountains: Three Sisters, Mount Hood, Mount Adams, Mount St. Helens, and then the gem of them all, Mount Rainier – in all her beauty! All of these were covered in snow today, but without any cloud cover, they were clear as a bell. I have learned to sit on the left side (window seat, please) of the plane when going to Seattle, and on the opposite side when returning to Minnesota, just so I get the best view of the mountains. We just don't have that kind of view in the twin cities.

I'll post more later. Right now, I'm enjoying being with my family.

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