Saturday, April 20, 2013

Helping the Robins

Wednesday early evening I witnessed my first robins of the season. While stopped at a red light, I counted 30 robins. Mind you, at that time, we had very little snow remaining. Seeing these sweet birds warmed my heart. Then came Thursday—with at least 8 inches of wet, new snow. These poor robins seemed so confused. Then Friday morning, when I was walking to my garage, I noticed 10 - 15 robins in the tree by my home. Again, snow was everywhere, and still falling. Where were these darling birds going to find anything to eat?

Driving home from work at noon and listening to the radio, Jim Gilbert, a local naturalist who has a fascinating radio show I listen to while getting ready for church on Sunday mornings, was letting us know that the early robins that arrived in Minnesota this week, are males. They migrate two weeks before the females, scouting out their territory for making a home. He said it would be very helpful if we would put out fruit for them to eat while the ground is snow covered. Immediately I thought, I have a lot of raisins, I'll put them out. Once in the house, I got the raisins out and then decided to cut up a bunch of dried apricots to add to them. Next I went out to the driveway – no snow there – and scattered the dried fruit. I was thrilled to see all of it was gone this morning! 

I just cut up two apples, chopping them into fine pieces, and scattered them on the driveway. Perhaps you could feed the robins in your neighborhood, too.

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