Thursday, September 15, 2011

Drastic Weather Change

Our weather changed yesterday - big time. A freeze warning - not frost warning - was given for last night. Since my flowering plants are still very pretty, I gathered them together, close to my house, and covered them with a sheet. Thankfully, it only dropped to 37, so all is well. They're all fine.

I'm not ready for fall yet, and technically, it isn't Autumn until the 21st of this month. Also, I'm not ready for it being dark before 8 pm - but it is!

Oh well, these are things for which we have no control, but in Minnesota, we gripe because we can!


Ardy said...

We had to put on our fleeces this morning while waiting for the school bus, so we saw a drastic drop from over 90 yesterday and today is only supposed to be about 70! Thank you LORD for that drop because I am ready for jeans and sweaters and cooler weather!

Pat said...

I am freezing. But I refuse to turn the heat on this early. AZ is looking better and better. It is 99 there and that is what I like.