Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We're Gonna Win, Twins, We're Gonna Win!

Friends Gary and Nancy waiting at the train station

Julie, Laurey and yours truly posing at the giant baseball glove

This was my view. (Photo taken 40 minutes before game time.)

L. to R.: Julie, yours truly, Laurey

Huge score and message board

Balls of light travel around the outside of the sign for hits and runs.

Twins' home run! (they got two last night)

Last night I was one of one hundred from my church choir to go to the new Target Field (baseball stadium) to see the Minnesota Twins play the Colorado Rockies. The stadium is in downtown Minneapolis and just opened this spring. We had rain in the morning and the weatherman had predicted it may rain off and on during the afternoon, but should clear out by game time. Well, I’m happy to say it cleared out mid-afternoon. We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather at the game. There was sunshine, but our seats were covered, and there was a lovely breeze wafting past us throughout the game. In fact, one could smell the brats and other treats grilling just below us due to the air flow.

My friends and I took the light rail train downtown and arrived early enough to look around the outdoor plaza and inside the stadium a bit. Our seats (family section), were way, way, way up – from home plate. In fact, there was only one row higher in the entire facility! My view was straight down the third baseline.

My reactions: I loved the big glove outside on the plaza. What a neat place for friends or family to have their photos taken. I also loved the giant scoreboard/message board. The lighting on the board, as well as the signage that surrounds the interior of the stadium, is very bright and contemporary. But the thing that I am most enamored with is the old-fashion sign from the days at Met Stadium of the pair of adult men – one from Minneapolis and the other from Saint Paul – shaking hands across the Mississippi River, with the shape of our great state behind them. During the game, a single ball of light would travel around the perimeter of the sign if one of the Twins got a hit. It would travel around twice if the player got a double, etc. For a home run, many balls of light traveled around it, and the shaking hands moved up and down. Clever! Also, for a home run, fire-works shot up out of the back of the giant scoreboard.

During the National Anthem – choreographed at the perfect moment during the rockets red glare; the bombs bursting in air – fire-works shot up from the back of the scoreboard.

All in all, it was a fun night - - and the Twins beat the Colorado Rockies 9 – 3!!!

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MamaD4 said...

Looks like you had a good time! I hope that we're able to take the kids there at some point.