Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Squirrells! Why Me? Please, Not Again!

I have been aware that some sort of animal has been in my garage for the past week or so. Tonight when I came home from work and opened the door, a squirrel made his way up the shelves of storage boxes and bins that are at the back. I exited my car outside the garage and left the garage door open for at least 10 minutes while I waited across the street, hoping he would come out, but no such luck. My next door garage neighbor (our garages connect) came home just then and I told her about the squirrel. She mentioned smelling a foul odor in our garage the past few days. She pounded on her inside wall to see if it would cause him to run out. No luck. I pounded on the outside of the back of my garage. No luck. She suggested I ask our management if they have any traps we could put in our garages to try to trap him.

Squirrels are very hard to get rid of! Believe, I know from personal experience. Many years ago, when my kids were little, we lived in a large two-story house with a full walk-up attic. One winter we heard noises coming from our attic. Upon inspecting, we found that some of our cardboard boxes being stored up there had been shredded. We discovered some of the toys were chewed on and parts of the branches of our artificial Christmas tree were chewed off. We had a problem! What to do? Many of our friends had ideas: moth balls was one of the ideas. The squirrel(s) batted them around like hockey pucks. We tried Raid rat poison. It did no good.

Finally my husband got a live bait trap. Bingo! We got him! Steve took the trap out of the attic and took the squirrel a few blocks away and let him out. But the rodent returned. Again and again. Thinking the same squirrel was coming back, Steve started taking the squirrel to work with him - 42 miles away - and let him out there. But more squirrels came. That winter we trapped 55 squirrels. No kidding!

I sure hope I can solve this problem soon!


MamaD4 said...

Ah yes, the classic story of the Squirrels in the Attic (isn't that a V.C. Andrews novel?).

Hope you catch him--don't want him chewing up all your stuff!

Brooklyn Book Lover said...

Holy cow! 55 squirrels! I commend you on doing the humane thing and using a humane trap. :-)
55 times!! :-)

Sarita said...

Wow. If that is the case, I will count myself lucky that they just dismantled the trap I put in our attic. Took wire mesh and two containers of "Great Stuff" spray foam to keep them out.

Carrie Moffett said...

Oh Donna, I know too well the trouble squirrels can cause! When I lived with my parents, a pair of squirrels chewed their way through my bedroom wall and wreaked havoc in my closet! It was a family of 5 in total, but the babies were too young to have caused the damage.

We eventually "evicted them," but they found a new way into the walls and last year they chewed their way into my sisters old bedroom!