Tuesday, February 09, 2010

We've Had Enough

While we didn't get the 30 inches of snow the east coast got this past weekend, we got 7 or 8 inches of new snow by last evening and another 3 or 4 inches during the night. Mind you, due to the frigid temperatures we have been having, we still have most of the snow we got over the Christmas weekend. It's beginning to be a real problem as to where to put it and how to navigate the corners when driving. This morning I had to inch my way out onto a busy street, praying first that no one was coming. Don't you just love global warming?

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Pat said...

The end is in sight. Things should start melting in another month. That is a lot of snow. I remember those days well. Pudge is so glad not to have to shovel and snow blow. It is so much easier to shovel the sunshine.