Friday, February 26, 2010


Tonight Aurelia is have a sleep-over at my home. We've had a very pleasant evening and I'm so impressed with her memory. Each time she has come to my home, I go over the photos with her, my goal being for her to be acquainted with her cousins and aunts and uncles. During dinner tonight she looked at all of the photos on my refrigerator and was able to tell me who each one was. She even knew which ones are wedding photos and when I pointed to her mom, she said, "Mommy in wedding dress."

Our family is pretty much scattered around the world. Aurelia has cousins in Germany and in Seattle. She has seen them only once or twice. I know, it's sad. But ask her who is in the photos - including the new ones from Aunt Rachel, Aurelia knows who they are - well, mostly. She is still learning Will's name. It was so cute tonight to hear her say "Uncle Hans, Aunt Rachel, Aunt Heidi, and Uncle Chad." She always says, "Cousin Marshall." When she saw the new photos of Josiah and Annika, her comment was, "Annika has stripes," - on her slacks.

I let her stay up past her bed time and she immediately fell fast asleep. What a little angel!

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