Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Making Progress

Thanks to the orthotics I've been faithfully wearing, my feet are much improved. This morning, for the first time since October 8, I walked 8 minutes on the treadmill at the club! I'm sure I could have gone longer, but I had to get to work. There are some moments in the evening when I know I have been on my feet a little too much, but for the most part (as long as I keep wearing my shoes ALL THE TIME EXCEPT FOR IN THE SHOWER AND IN BED), I feel as they are back to normal. Yahoo!


Brian said...

Yeah!!! I expect walk the next time you are here.

Pat said...

That is great news!! There is nothing like feeling good to make you feel good. Did that make sense? It is hard to know what aches and pains are old age or really something. Now stay healthy.

MamaD4 said...

That IS good news. You'll be all ready to go for long walks when all the snow finally melts! :)