Monday, February 16, 2009

Aurelia's Date with Grandma, Volume 2

Taking time to smell the roses
Isn't she precious?
Studying hard
Aurelia at the tea
Gemma and Aunt Liz

This last Friday night, Aurelia came over to spend the night and all day Saturday with me. This time when she came in the door, she walked right to Peppi's cage. She is so adorable - - she "signs" the motion for "bird," but as Sarah says, she does it in reverse. I think it's marvelous that along with the spoken language, Aurelia is learning sign language. Brilliant idea! Why didn't we think of that?!
Aurelia, just as she did last time, was so well behaved. She only got a sad look on her face when it was time to go to bed. She had her bear in her arm and walked to my front door. After cuddling with her a little longer, while watching The Fiddler on the Roof which was playing on TV, she fell sound asleep in my lap. I put her to bed, and she slept 12 hours! I could hardly believe it. Even the phone ringing in our room didn't wake her.
Our plans for Saturday included driving to Rochester for an afternoon tea given by the Sweet Adeline's, of which my sister is a member. My arrangements were to rendezvous with my Aunt Liz and Pat, and our friend, Gemma. Here's the hitch: we had to transfer Aurelia's car seat from my car (Sarah installed it, but gave me a thorough lesson on Friday night) to Aunt Liz's van. Well, it's not as easy as young people make it sound, let me tell you. Both Pat and I struggled and struggled to get it secured to the back seat of the van, but without success. Eventually I walked into the McDonald's (our permanent meeting place), then into the large play room that was FILLED with about 20 parents and 40 or more kids. I proceeded to a table and told a mom my predicament and asked if she could help me. She told me her husband would come out in a minute and help us. Bless his heart. In less than 60 seconds he had that seat so secure that I don't think a hurricane could have moved it (well, it was definitely secure)! And we were on our way.
Aurelia loved the concert. She sat perfectly still, and even applauded for the group. She was an angel the whole weekend long.

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Pat said...

Yep--you're right--Aurelia is adorable. I had a good tim.. Enjoyed the concert, loved being with Aurelia, having dinner with you, Mom & Gemma. Everything was fun