Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Canary

I got a new canary today. It may seem too soon, but I really don't like living alone. Even though I have been busy this week and haven't been home that much, I dislike coming into an empty house. The one I found is a frosted yellow ~ light yellow feathers with white tips and a white tail. He is very beautiful. Now, what to name him? I'm tossing around these: Caruso, Giovanni, Pavarotti, Fidelio, Peppi, and Sweetie. What do you think?

Monday Update: I haven't heard him sing yet, so will be checking with the pet store to see what they think as far as letting him settle into his new abode. I definitely want a singer. Also, Peppi is the name I have given him.


Brian said...

Congrats on the new Canary! I know how happy they make you.
My vote, is anything but Sweetie.

liz said...

I like Pepi.It is short ,easy to remember& reminds me of peep !

MamaD4 said...

Sweetie seems a little close to Tweety, in my opinion. I agree with Liz and hopefully if you name him Pepi, he will be peppy and give you lots of singing!

C. Randy said...

My vote would be for Pepi also ;-D) It fits you too - always singing with enthusiasm! Enjoy!