Sunday, December 10, 2006

Today was the final Christmas concert at Wooddale Church where I have been singing in the choir for the past fourteen years. After many, many rehearsals and three performances, I must admit that I am exhausted. It wasn't the standing or singing that tired me out this year, rather holding my "over-flowing" choir folder, containing the thirteen selections in which the choir sang, with a couple of broken bones in my left elbow. That's right - I fell while on a walk with Hans and his family a couple of weeks ago on the famous Cliff Walk out in Newport, RI, and my elbow took a lot of the shock. I tried to support my folder with my right hand, but it wasn't possible during the entire time.
The concerts were beautiful and were attended by about 5,000 or so people. It's such a nice way to usher in the Christmas season.
One of the best parts for me this year was coming home last night to return a voice mail to Peder. When I phoned him, he asked me if I was sitting down. "Well, I could be. What's up?" "Mom, Sarah and I are going to have a baby!" I was/am so excited - both for them, and for our whole family. Today while singing the songs about Mary expecting her little bundle, I couldn't help but think of Sarah and Peder. What a special meaning Christmas will have for them this year.

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carrster said...

That is such happy news! Congrats!