Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Greetings

One of the joys of this season for me is the lovely Christmas cards and letters that have been coming to my mail box. It's so much fun hearing from family and friends from far away and I really love it when they include a photo of the family. In this day of e-cards -- and I like getting and sending those also -- it is a delight to open the mailbox and see cards, rather than the usual bills, ads, magazines, and junk mail. I hope this tradition never fades away.

I'd like to share the design idea and text from one that I especially like. The front of the card shows a shiny red ball ornament, the old fashioned kind that were on the tree when I was a little girl. The ball is hanging from a frosted evergreen bough, and the image on it is a tiny baby wrapped in a blanket. It reads, "The Christmas story is a love story. . . It is God sending His Son, Jesus Christ, on a RESCUE MISSION to earth." The inside continues, "Mission Accomplished! Wishing you a Christmas filled with joy as you celebrate the gift of God's Son."

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