Wednesday, October 11, 2006


It is definitely way too early to deal with S*N*O*W - but that is exactly what has happened tonight. Oh, we had flurries off and on today, but tonight, while I was at choir rehearsal, we had the four letter word. The temperature only warmed up to 36 degrees today, with a wind chill of 22 degrees - and that was bad enough. So, while still in the church building, I activated my "automatic car starter" so I could get into a warm, cozy car. To my surprise - while walking to my car, I discovered my car was totally covered in the white stuff! At least I had had the foresight to put my scraper/brush in the car yesterday. I just didn't realize I would be using it so soon.

I took it easy driving home, since the roads were icy looking in places. Part of the way I was behind a sanding/salting truck. I'm not sure everyone was as lucky as I was to get to their destination safely because just one exit before mine, all cars were stopped. I was able to take that exit and came the remainder of the way on surface roads. I sincerely hope everyone is okay. The 10 o'clock news report is that some roads are going to be closed due to icy conditions. Unless it warms up again, it is going to be a looooooooooong winter!

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