Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Highlights of Trip to Branson

Where to begin? With four fun-packed days, it’s hard to condense my thoughts, but I’ll give some highlights.

I loved spending time with my dear friend, Lil and her husband Jim. They are wonderful friends! And no matter how many months we are separated, we pick up right where we left off. First of all, they are the perfect hosts. They have wonderful accommodations. And Lil is a great cook! We had fabulous meals, including one of my favorite dishes – Apple Pancake. Lil and I used to order this at my favorite restaurant when they lived up here. She and I would split the apple pancake, plus an order of thick sliced Hormel bacon, and tomato juice. She and Jim put all of their jobs "on hold" and spent the time showing us the sights of Branson.

We attended 4 shows, which were wonderful!
The Kitchen Band (Jim plays saxophone in this band)
Doug Gabriel
The Branson Belle (a dinner showboat)
The Dutton’s

Lil taught us a new card game called "Canadian Salad." At first we were skeptical because it sounded too hard, but after playing a trial hand, we were hooked. We stayed up until 11:30 Friday night and until 11 on Saturday night to play this fun game. Sunday morning, before leaving at our target time, 7 AM, Lil asked if we wanted to play one more round. It was tempting, but we denied ourselves.

We drove around the area and saw gorgeous new developments, beautiful fall foliage. Branson is a "happening" place – not a settlement for old, white-haired retirees that it once was.

Eating at the Smith’s Berry Farm Restaurant in Collins, Missouri. We’ve eaten there 3 times so far, and I’m sure we’ll make it in there again, if possible.

Quality time driving to and from Branson. These are times when good conversations occur. We reminisced over the days when we were much younger and talked about the struggles and joys happening in our lives now.

I’m back home doing the usual things now. I haven’t hung my bittersweet around the house yet. First things first.

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