Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday, Nels!

In December 2010, Annika and I left my home in search of a new cat for me. First we checked out the cats for adoption at my veterinarian's clinic. None of them seemed to say to me, "Take me home," so we headed for one of the humane societies in the twin cities.

After checking out two of the declawed cats—both of them hissed at Annika—we wandered past the various cages of cats who still had their claws. One in particular caught my eye. And the rest is history.

Nels, his middle name is Jack – chosen by Annika, brings such joy to me. I love the way he comes running to meet me when I come in the door. I love how he looks lovingly into my eyes. I love the way he sits for long periods of time on my lap. And most of all, I love how he purrs me to sleep at night.

Happy Birthday, Nels!

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