Thursday, September 29, 2016

It was a great Labor Day!

Hans, Josiah and Annika came to Minnesota for the long Labor Day weekend. I picked them up at the airport on Friday night and they slept at my house. On Saturday morning, Pete and Jan drove up from St. James to take Josiah and Annika back to their place and Peder came to pick up Hans. We played Yahtzee while we waited for them to arrive.

Sunday afternoon around 4, everyone returned, including Peder's family, plus Steve. Everyone wanted pizza, so we drove to Godfather's.

Again, Hans, Josiah and Annika spent the night at my home and in the morning we loaded up their belongings and went to the State Fair. This was the first time for Hans' kids to be there. Peder and his family went also. I had reserved an electric cart, and that was perfect!

Hans, Annika and Josiah in the race cars

Josiah and Annika in the Dairy Building with the carved butter heads

Josiah petting a baby animal

Annika (Hans in the background) in the Agriculture Building by the giant pumpkins

Josiah posing next to the largest pumpkin

Annika and Aurelia

Josiah and Annika chilling out before it was time to return to the airport.

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