Saturday, April 05, 2014


Fifty four years ago today, I was anticipating the return of my mother who had gone to Illinois for a little trip. She had left on Sunday afternoon and told my sister and me she would be returning on Thursday. It was Wednesday evening, right after supper, when one of the neighbor girls knocked on our back door, and asked if I could come out to play. I told her I couldn't because I was busy ironing the freshly laundered clothes.

Before my mother left, she said we didn't have to do the laundry because she would do it after she got home. I had decided to surprise her.

Around 6:30 or so the next morning, there was a knock on our front door. My sister got out of bed to answer it. It was our minister, Herman Kooy. He told her he needed to talk to both of us. She brought him to our bedroom door and he told us that our mother wouldn't be coming home. She had died earlier that morning. He waited in our living room while we got dressed and drove us to his home where his wife, Louise, fixed us breakfast and cared for us for the next two days.

Not all of the details are so vivid in my mind, but those events are things I think about at this time every year.


-Peder said...

That must have been very difficult. Love you Mom!

DD4 said...

It was really hard for several years, but over time, especially after you kids were born,
my focus was on being a mother rather than having a mother. Thanks, Peder. I love you, too.

Pat said...

I have vivid memories of this also. We have talked about it. I cannot imagine losing your mom at your age. Difficult to say the least. Thinking about you, Janet and Jerry.