Saturday, October 26, 2013

Regina's Candy Store Annual Tour

Today my friend, Pam, came with me to tour Regina's Candy Store. She had never been there before, so she was a really good sport, in my opinion.  I think this may have been my fourth tour since 1992, and I really enjoyed it, as always. It blesses my heart to see the fourth and fifth generation of this family working there today.

The small store was abuzz when we arrived. We got our tickets (free) for the next tour which was to begin in less than a half hour. When our time came, we donned our hairnets and off we went to the start of the tour.

This time the tour had an addition: a film showing the various stages of making their famous peppermint candy canes. I loved seeing this because I have purchased many, many candy canes over the years. They are one of two companies in the U. S. to still make candy canes by hand. And, they're beautiful!

Pam has a blog—actually, her two cats have the blog. After she got home today, her "boys" wrote a new post. They allowed Pam to write her account of the tour and post photos, as well. You can read it here.

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