Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring Planting

Some of my new plants
My forsythia with the flowering crab trees in the background
Nels is relaxing.
Now we have standing water! Ran, rain, go away.

Friday after work I shopped for the plants I wanted to grace the outside of my porch this summer. I put the containers outside the screened area, planning to pot them on Saturday. 

Thunder and lightning jarred me from sleep Saturday morning. Nels was cuddled up to me—storms make him uncomfortable. I thought about my new plants outside in this weather, so I donned my raincoat and some old shoes, opened my screen door and brought all of the new plants into the porch. Of course, this meant the porch was "off limits" for Nels until such time as the plants could go outside again.

In the early afternoon, the sun had come out and I got all of the plants into pots. I had them nicely arranged outside and spent some relaxing time looking at them and watching the robins gather twigs and dried grasses, flying off to their nesting sites. (My upstairs next-door neighbor has a pair of robins building a nest in the rafters of her unscreened porch.) 

This morning started out like yesterday. More thunder and lightning. So I repeated my actions and once the plants were safely in the porch, I climbed back into bed. I wasn't so careful to arrange them into groups once the rain stopped

I'm not sure how my plants will fare because there is more rain in the future—actually it's in the forecast for the next three days! With 2-1/2" yesterday and buckets coming down right now, they may float away.

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Pat said...

Very pretty plants. They look great from your view on the porch. Haven't we gotten the rain. It came down in buckets yesterday afternoon. I did some planting today but it was cut short by more rain.