Saturday, April 04, 2009

Excellent "Grandma" Time

Aurelia and baby doll listening to the giraffe.
Singing and clapping.
This photo was taken just before she rocked the chair over on it's back. It startled her, but she didn't cry.

Aurelia is one of my precious grandchildren and I'm happy that she got to come for a sleep-over at my house last night. She plays so cute with a doll and cradle of mine, plus a couple of stuffed animals. She loves my canary, Peppi. I was amazed to learn that she knows where her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, chin, cheeks, elbow, knee and toes are. When I would say, "Where is Grandma?", she would point to me. She points to herself and says, "Relia." I taught her to say the names of her cousins: Joe Joe, Annie, and Marshall. We pointed to their pictures on my refrigerator. She saw Mama and Daddy's pictures there too.

She loves to play the piano, and is gentle with the keys. Before taking a book from a stack or the giraffe puppet from a basket, she looks at me and points, as if asking permission. What a delight!

After a good night's sleep, Sarah and Peder came and took us to breakfast. I had a great time. I think Aurelia did too.

I long for the time when all of my grandchildren can come to my home together.


Pat said...

I envy you. Who would have thought that a child could bring us so much joy. Nobody understands except other grandmas. She is at such a cute age.

MamaD4 said...

I'm not sure it's legal to have that many people in your little apartment Donna! I mean, all of your grandchildren at once :)

DD4 said...

I don't think there's a law on the books as to how many people can occupy my small home. I'm sure it may be a little noisy with all of the darlings here, but doesn't it sound like fun?