Friday, March 02, 2007

2nd Snowstorm in 6 Days!

Wow! Mother Nature really packed a wallop this time. Adding to our 12 inches of snow from last weekend, we now have about 36 inches of snow on the ground. They are saying (WCCO radio, the good neighbor of the Northwest) this is the most snow we have had in one week's span since 1982. Yesterday my neighbor and I were recalling this as reminiscent of when we were kids. Oh, how much fun we had sliding down the huge mounds from the shoveling and plowing!
Here are some of the photos I have taken both yesterday and this morning. I think it is really beautiful. They are basically of my front and back yard. You'll notice, I can no longer walk on my sidewalk to my front door, but have to walk out in the street past the huge hill. If you compare these photos to the ones on my last post, you will see quite a difference.
I need to give some credit here to the Minnesota Department of Travel - - they have done an incredible job of keeping our streets plowed and sanded where necessary!

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